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Lakme Eyeconic Black Kajal : Review

Hey everyone! This is gonna be my first review about a much hyped kajal by Lakme – Eyeconic. I have used Maybelline Colossal Kajal before but after using it several times it was time for a change. So I thought of giving this blacky a try.

Price : Rs. 210/- as of 2015

It comes in a turquoise green colored pack with black color at the top. The packaging looks attractive. 
At the back you can see the description on how to use, tips and how to remove.

What the product claims:

● 10 hr
● No smudge
● Waterproof
● Dermatologically tested

This kajal looks very attractive in black and eyeconic written in blue makes it a prefect match of colors. Many of us would love to try it just because of its packaging.

On the first swipe, it went smooth on my eyes. I have oily eyelids so at first I was scared to apply there as it can get smudged and make me look like a panda. But to my surprise it just smudged a bit but didn’t spill out.
From my experience, it stayed almost 4 hours. I have a habit of rubbing my eyes so due to that it smudged a little on my waterline and otherwise it went intact.
The waterproof claim is true because when I washed, it didn’t come out well (see the photos below) so if you want to remove, you must use a good quality eye makeup remover. Coming to the pigmentation, it’s not the deepest black as compared to Colossal one but satisfactory enough.

Swipes :

First one is multiple swipes and the second is a single swipe.

After washing with water:

Final Word: So you can see that it stays pretty long. You should be careful while applying kajal as it may break easily because of its ultra smoothness.
And yes, it is smudge proof which is the quality I crave for in a kajal.
Overall, this a good option for a kajal that has all the qualities a kajal should have. This kajal is a must buy so don’t waste time and grab it now! 🙂

Rating : 4/5

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