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Clean and Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer – Review

A hot afternoon to everyone! I’m back here with a review. I had exams so I wasn’t active but now I’m totally free. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is mandatory for a healthy skin. But in this heat who will ever want to apply a moisturizer? But it’s a must regardless of what type of skin you have. My review today is on Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer.

Price: Rs. 80 for 100 ml

My experience: I came through this product when I searched for moisturizers for oily skin and this was the most recommended so I decided to purchase it.

The packaging is Plain Jane and simple. It has a rounded top and dark blue colored bottom which has a screw cap as well as a tight flip cap which doesn’t let the product spill.

When you take out the content, it’s light and white colored, almost runny because it’s a water based moisturizer. It has a mild smell which is overwhelming. In summer it becomes more runny and in winters it’s a bit thick. I took a dollop (coin-sized amount) and applied over my face and neck and within few minutes, it absorbed into my oily skin. I never liked moisturizers as they made my skin more oily but this was what I needed. It gave a matte finish to my face. It’s so affordable and purchasing it won’t harm your pockets.
It claims to be non-comedogenic thus preventing acne but I’m not sure if it does that. It doesn’t contain SPF so it’s suitable to apply at home. It made my skin soft and supple after applying. In summers, for oily skinned girls only 2 drops are required to cover the face and neck. And for winters, you need to apply it according to your preference. The more oilier your skin is, the lesser amount required! It stays for 4-5 hours in summers and then face becomes oily but you can wipe off with a tissue paper/blotting paper or reapply.


● Pocket friendly product
● Best for oily and combination skin.
● Controls oil for a long time.
● Gets absorbed into the skin.
● Non-comedogenic and prevents acne.


● Contains parabens
● No SPF

Final Word: All in all it’s a good product for oily/combination skin. It provides the moisture skin needs and very affordable. It’s good for acne prone skin too so give it a try!

Rating: 4/5

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